PixaMSN v0.6

PixaMsn is a tiny MSN Messenger clone. You will log in as Invisible, so no one will notice you're online. Then, if you decide you want to talk, get out of Invisible mode and start chatting, or just switch to Messenger itself.

Homepage – Pixador

Size: 173 KB




  1. charli Said:

    dis does not work

  2. charli Said:

    dis iz sooooooooooooo stupid n it soooooooooooooooooooooo doesn’t work it is sooooooooooooo gay

  3. Sparky Said:

    It works fine, and it’s quite good. You need to have the appropriate ports open and set your firewall to allow the program. You shouldn’t call programs ‘gay’ simply because you are incompetent. Read their site.

  4. B Said:

    Links don’t work. Unable to be downloaded.

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