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Portable7zip 4.42

Portable7zip is a file archiver that supports the new “7z” format with very high compression ratio using LZMA compression. In addition, it supports the creation/extraction of 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR files, as well as the extraction of RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS files.

Release Highlights:
* Live/CD Support
* In-Place Upgrades
* Partial WINE Support

Homepage – PortableApp

Size: 1.1 MB



Miranda IM 0.5

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messenger client for Windows. Miranda IM uses very little memory and is extremely fast. It requires no installation and can be fitted on a single floppy disc. Its powerful plugin system makes Miranda IM very flexible.

Release Highlights:
* Updated to 0.5
* Live CD Support
* In-Place Upgrade Support
* WINE Support

Homepage – Miranda IM

Size: 1.2 MB


Portable VLC Media Player 0.8.5 Revision 2

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, mp3, ogg, …) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

Release Highlights:
* Compatible with Unicode paths passed on the commandline
* Live CD support
* In-place upgrade support
* Name changed to VLC Portable

Homepage – Portable VLC Media Player

Size: 8.5 MB


Portable FileZilla 2.2.23a

FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client with lots of handy features. It supports resume on both downloads and uploads, timeout detection, firewall support, SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 support, SSL, SFTP and more, all with an intuitive drag and drop interface

Release Highlights:
* Updated FileZilla to 2.2.26a
* In-Place Upgrade support added
* CD support improved
Homepage – Portable FileZilla
Size: 2.2 MB


Portable AbiWord 2.4.5

Portable AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a variety of word processing activities and has the ability to read and write a number of document types including Microsoft Word, Word Perfect,, RTF, HTML, Palm and more. It includes both grammar and spelling checkers as well as an array of other handy features including mail merge capabilities

Release Highlights:
* Updated to 2.4.5
* OpenDocument included by default
* Added In-Place Upgrade Support
* Now compatible with AbiWord Import/Export and Tools Plugin Installers
* CD Support

Homepage – Portable AbiWord

Size: 6.3 MB


Portable ClamWin 0.88.4

ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows. It provides a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. It has High detection rates for viruses and spyware and regular virus database updates.

Release Highlights:
* Updated ClamWin to 0.88.4
* Updated ClamWin Launcher to (CD Support, COMSPEC fixes)
* Shrunk install size by 30% thanks to PYD compression
* Renamed to ClamWin Portable

Homepage – Portable Clamwin

Size: 6.0 MB


A43 File Management Utility 2.47

A dual-panel view file manager with integrated text editor, zip/unzip, file search, quick launch and more.

Release Highlights:
* Fixed the start-up AV problems

Homepage – A43

Size: 745 KB


Portable Thunderbird

Portable Thunderbird is the safe, fast email client that’s easy to use. It has all the same great features as regular Thunderbird including quick message search, customizable views, support for IMAP/POP, RSS support and more.

Release Highlights:
* Live/Run from a CD
* Complete Thunderbird partial update support
* In-place upgrades
* Lots of handy bug fixes
* Support for running within Wine on *nix and more.

Homepage – Portable Thunderbird

Size: 5.9 MB


Portable NVU 1.0 Rev 3

Portable NVU is an easy-to-use web editor similar to Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver. It is based on the same Gecko engine that powers Firefox and Thunderbird and features an FTP site manager, color picker, tabbed interface, CSS editing, standard-compliant markup, fully customizable interface, a built-in spellchecker and more

Release Highlights:
* Renamed to NVU Portable
* Updated launcher to
* Added in-place upgrade support
* Added CD/Live support
* Improved WaitForNVU

Homepage – Portable NVU

Size: 7.2 MB


PaintBox 2.2.8

PaintBox is a simple paint program with a variety of features that are not included in many of the major paint programs. Features include recent files image previews, recent colour list, and multiple clipboard entries. This program is ideal for people who do not want a big and powerful photo editor but do want a hassle-free way to create their own images.


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