ubSpawn 0.5.5

ubSpawn is a small and simple application to manage an unlimited number of files and folders for quick access.

Release Highlights:
* Added: Ability to load & show RSS 0.91 / 1.0 / 2.0 and ATOM 1.0 feeds for Title Wizard.
* Added: Showing an error message if another instance of ubSpawn is already running.
* Added: Working directories are made automatically relative if they are in a sub directory below ubSpawn.
* Changed: Splitted options for programs list into three separate tabs for a better overview and layout.
* Changed: Look & Feel of the main menu / systray / context menu.
* Changed: Some internal changes to make developing ubSpawn a bit faster.
* Fixed: When adding new programs or files sometimes, it could happen that it couldn’t be started because the “Use User Login” checkbox was checked without providing a valid login.
* Fixed: Small memory leaks.
* Fixed: Various bugs.

Homepage – ubSpawn

Size: 300 KB



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