ubSpawn 0.6.0

ubSpawn is a small and simple application to manage an unlimited number of files and folders for quick access.

Release Highlights:
* Added: Automatic mode rotation for Title Wizard; now you can watch your date & time along with your news feeds without switching the modes manually.
* Added: Option in Title Wizard to proccess only the active window which currently has the focus.
* Added: New actions “Open Media Drive” and “Close Media Drive” to open or close your CD/DVD drives without pressing the drive button on your PC.
* Added: New actions “Run Command Line”, “Show ubSpawn” and “Hide ubSpawn” added.
* Added: Brand new action dialog; now actions can have parameters! Description for actions are now displayed.
* Added: When changing transparency for main window, changes will become visible immediately.
* Fixed: Some fixes for Title Wizard to make it more stable.
* Fixed: When starting an action which shows an error in a hot corner, there won’t be multiple actions be spawned anymore.

Homepage – ubSpawn

Size: 300 KB



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