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Portable Firefox

Firefox is a fast, full-featured web browser that’s easy to use. It has lots of great features including popup-blocking, tabbed-browsing, integrated search, improved privacy features, automatic updating and more.

Homepage – Portable Firefox

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System Information for Windows 1.71

This program perform computer configuration analysis and diagnostics. It gives detailed information about your computer properties and settings, detailed specs for CPU, motherboard, chipset, BIOS, CPU, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP devices, memory, monitor, video card, disk drives, CD/DVD devices, SCSI devices, S.M.A.R.T., ports, network cards, printers, operating system, installed programs and hotfixes, processes, services, serial numbers (CD keys), users, open files, system uptime, network, network shares, as well as real-time monitors for CPU, memory, page file usage and network traffic. It displays currently active network connections, passwords hidden behind asterisks, installed codecs, and more. This program also creates a report file, and is able to run in batch mode.

Release Highlights:
* Added Tools –> Monitor Test module
* Updated XML Report (mode XSLT/XPath friendly)
* Updated Video module
* Updated Audio and Video Codecs module
* Updated CPU module
* Updated PCI module
* Bugfixes

Homepage – SIW

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FastStone Image Viewer 3.3

A fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments. Its innovative but intuitive full-screen mode provides quick access to EXIF information, thumbnail browser and major functionalities via hidden toolbars that pop up when your mouse touch the four edges of the screen. Other features include a high quality magnifier and a musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects, as well as lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and much more.

Release Highlights:
* Added “Enhance Colors” (press Ctrl+E), which makes it easy to adjust brightness, gamma, contrast and saturation of the image
* Enhanced “Sharpen/Blur”
* Added “Obscure (Blur)” under “Edit” menu, which can be used to obscure sensitive information in the image
* Added new option “Remind me to save changes” to the Settings. Uncheck this option if you do not want the popup message “Do you want to save the changes you have made to this image?”
* Allowed image tagging in slide show
* Added “Slide Show Builder” (under “Create” menu), which allows you to save a slide show, including image and music files, into a single exe file that can be played in other computers without FastStone Image Viewer
* Enhanced the “Download Photos” tool. Now it is possible to get photos from both cameras and card readers via USB
* Enhanced the “Change Timestamp” under Tools menu. Now it allows you to change/adjust the date time when photos were taken
* Added “Remove JPEG Metadata” to Tools menu. It allows you to remove metadata such as EXIF, IPTC, embedded thumbnails etc from jpeg files
* Added Show Histogram option to the image comparison tool
* Enhanced the RAW library. Now it is recommended to view RAW files using the embedded preview image for faster performance (see RAW tab in the Settings)
* In the image comparison tool, now it is possible to pan around with arrow keys
* Other small improvements in the user interface
* Fixed some bugs

Homepage – Faststone

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Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex© is a easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one’s finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a great tool to get a bird’s eye view of your financial worth. It includes all the basic features that 90% of users would want to see in a personal finance application.

Release Highlights:
* Fix bug where split transaction entries were being orphaned in the DB either in the account view
or via the Bills Deposits entries. This could cause wierd behavior. (Lucky Arthur)
* Fixed issue where split transaction amounts weren’t being reported correctly if transactions were repeated. (within the same transaction) (manuel)
* Make stock symbol match case insensitive (geraldnz )
* Fix text vertical spacing in several panels in Linux (Ikkyu)
* Improved Help File (Terry Wick)
* Added “Everything except Reconciled Transactions View” (Jim)
* Crash when pressing “Delete”  when account view is empty (Fangles)
* More colorful palette for charts

Homepage – TheZeal

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EssentialPIM Free Portable 2.11

EssentialPIM is a visual appointment and information manager that allows you to organize your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. It includes an address book to manage your contacts, as well as tree-style notes manager with support for rich text notes

Release Highlights:
* Added insert date&time buttons into Notes module
* Fixed transaction not active error
* Fixed Schedule printing
* Fixed search in Notes
* Fixed vCard export/import
* Fixed Week view print, which now has weekdays and days
* Fixed To Do print, which now honors “Hide completed” filter
* Fixed To Do export to HTML (assignees sorting)
* Fixed Contacts birthdays category that is now remembered
* Fixed automatic clean up of items in Trash
* Fixed Contacts print that can now print pictures
* Fixed Save As dialog minor issue
* Fixed iCal import errors
* Fixed some UI problems with large fonts
* Fixed several issues with Contact birthdays

Homepage – EssentialPIM

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ToDoList 5.3.9


ToDoList is a hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting. It allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces, which makes it ideal for IT related projects as well as more general activities.

Release Highlights:
* Added per-task comment types
* Added preference to control balloon notifications
* Added Preference to auto-save when alt-tabbing (i.e. app loses focus)
* Added Preference to auto-save when switching tabs
* Added Right-button drag and drop.
* This will facilitate the adding of dependencies and task links. ie. Right-button drag and drop one task on another and select from the popup menu that appears.
* Added Find/replace to comments field
* Added options dialog to Outline importing
* Added check for software updates added when coming out of hibernation
* Added a Task Color combo box in the lower bar (editing controls area)
* Added ‘all must match’ check boxes to filterbar
* Added double clicking of file link and dependency columns to open file links
* Added more sub-categories to preferences to help find options more easily
* Added Send task(s) as e-mail to File menu
* Added ID of singly selected task to status bar
* Added “Close all tasklists but this one” to tab context menu
* Added ‘Goto Next/Previous Task’ to Move menu
Improved speed of moving tasks with keyboard
Improved ini file performance
Fixed rtf comments spell checking
Fixed flicker on editing task title

Homepage – ToDoList

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Foxit Reader 2.2

Foxit Reader is a free reader for PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. You can view and print PDF documents with it.

Release Highlights:
* Capture words via mouse: If you are using a dictionary software, you may want to use your mouse to capture words inside a PDF file and has it translated. You can turn on this feature by checking “Screen word-capturing” option under “Edit”>”Preference”>”General”.
* Search PDF in another way: Now you can search a string either in a single PDF file or in multiple PDF files under a specified folder. When the search finishes, all occurrences will be listed in a tree view, allowing you to quickly preview the contexts and jump to specific locations.
* Minimize Foxit Reader to the system tray: You now can save space on your task bar by minimizing the Foxit Reader to system tray. This feature can be turned on by checking “Minimize to system tray” option under “Edit”>”Preference”>”General”.
* Work with friendly bookmarks: Now when you navigate through the PDF document, the highlighted bookmark item will automatically be kept in sync with the current page being displayed. And you can click on a handle to hide or show the bookmark panel.
* Remove all evaluation marks at once: For trial users, Foxit Reader will stamp evaluation marks on edited pages. After they purchase and install licenses, they can choose “Help”>”Remove Evaluation Marks” to remove all the evaluation marks on this file at once.
* View PDF page size: Now the actual size of each PDF page is displayed on the status bar.
* Select text easily: Now, when you click and drag your mouse to select some text, you can keep moving your mouse and Foxit Reader will scroll automatically. This will allow you to select text out of current view. Version 2.2 also fixes some bugs of the text selection tool in the previous version.
* Enjoy other improved features: You will enjoy many other improved features, including:
– Well-organized toolbars
– Better command line support
– Enhanced support for eastern Asian languages
– Many bug fixes

Homepage – Foxit PDF Reader

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CCleaner Portable 2.01.507

CCleaner is a system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system and cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

Homepage – CCleaner

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EssentialPIM Free 2.1

EssentialPIM is a visual appointment and information manager that allows you to organize your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. It includes an address book to manage your contacts, as well as tree-style notes manager with support for rich text notes

Release Highlights:
* Added new printing engine
* Added new features in Notes (extended work with paragraphs and tables)
* Added new highlighting options for work time/work days in Schedule
* Added automatically purge items in Trash option
* Added ability to resize a contact’s window
* Improved EPIM Today view
* Improved processing speed of large amounts of data when doing import, synchronization
* Improved Palm synchronization options
* Fixed categories custom colors, which are now remembered
* Fixed focusing of reminder windows upon choosing the “Remind in…” command
* Fixed some iCal import errors
* Fixed small omission when doing a repetitive search in Notes
* Fixed problems with copy-paste of repeating tasks
* Fixed AV error when sorting groups in Contacts
* Fixed reminder window now remembers its size
* Fixed some Notes editing bugs
* Fixed leaf management order in Notes

Homepage – EssentialPIM

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