FreeCommander 2008.06a

FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager.

Release Highlights:
* New: FTP connection details option ‘Show hidden files’
* New: multi rename – pattern possible in ‘replace with’ field
* New: multi rename – new column: Created
* New: multi rename – Remove from the list
* New: multi rename – Sort per drag&drop possible
* New: display info about count of files to rename – in the status line of the multi rename dialog
* New: add current folder to the list of favorite folders Ctrl+Shift+V
* New: search window – new columns added: Created and Type
* New: settings – customization of the function bar possible
* New: folder compare extended – compare subfolders possible
* Changed: definition of custom columns
* Changed: refresh for tree view improved
* Bug fixed
* Bug fixed
* Bug fixed
* Bug fixed: function bar F5/F6 caption change to German if default for Settings->Confirmations changed
* Bug fixed: drag&drop – access violation at address 005cd80f in module freecomander.exe read of address 00000024
* Bug fixed: the FTP option ‘Show file attributes as a number’ won’t be saved
* Bug fixed: auto-completion is not active
* Bug fixed: ftp file delete dialog is in German
* Bug fixed: graphical bug
* Bug fixed: zip file does not open if passed as a program parameter
* Bug fixed: Ctrl+F1 opens help window
* Bug fixed: properties, using Alt+Tab, or right click context menu, doesn’t work (Vista)
* Bug fixed: Enter key doesn’t work in archive file (rar, cab)
* Bug fixed: capitalization and use of small letters is not distinguished on FTP site
* Bug fixed: upload to FTP server fails if the server does not support SIZE command.
* Bug fixed: multi rename – some case options don’t work properly
* Bug fixed: md5-creation not possible for filename with ‘..’
* Bug fixed:
* Bug fixed: sort on date in search window is wrong for some timestamp formats
* Bug fixed: add FTP connection does not work with Enter

Homepage – FreeCommander

Size: 2.1 MB



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