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ToDoList 5.3.9


ToDoList is a hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting. It allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces, which makes it ideal for IT related projects as well as more general activities.

Release Highlights:
* Added per-task comment types
* Added preference to control balloon notifications
* Added Preference to auto-save when alt-tabbing (i.e. app loses focus)
* Added Preference to auto-save when switching tabs
* Added Right-button drag and drop.
* This will facilitate the adding of dependencies and task links. ie. Right-button drag and drop one task on another and select from the popup menu that appears.
* Added Find/replace to comments field
* Added options dialog to Outline importing
* Added check for software updates added when coming out of hibernation
* Added a Task Color combo box in the lower bar (editing controls area)
* Added ‘all must match’ check boxes to filterbar
* Added double clicking of file link and dependency columns to open file links
* Added more sub-categories to preferences to help find options more easily
* Added Send task(s) as e-mail to File menu
* Added ID of singly selected task to status bar
* Added “Close all tasklists but this one” to tab context menu
* Added ‘Goto Next/Previous Task’ to Move menu
Improved speed of moving tasks with keyboard
Improved ini file performance
Fixed rtf comments spell checking
Fixed flicker on editing task title

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