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FileZilla Portable

FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client with lots of handy features. It supports resume on both downloads and uploads, timeout detection, firewall support, SOCKS4/5 and HTTP1.1 support, SSL, SFTP and more, all with an intuitive drag and drop interface

Homepage – Portable FileZilla

Size: 4 MB



Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition

Portable Thunderbird is the safe, fast email client that’s easy to use. It has all the same great features as regular Thunderbird including quick message search, customizable views, support for IMAP/POP, RSS support and more.

Homepage – Portable Thunderbird

Size: 6.7 MB


Songbird Portable 1.2

Songbird is a full-featured digital media library that enables the seamless syncing of all your music, and provides intuitive and powerful music management features.

Homepage – Songbird

Size: 13 MB


Defraggler 1.13.155

Defraggler is a file and folder defragmenter that enables you to defragment selected drives, and/or only selected files and folders.

Release Highlights:
* Added quick defrag to command line version.
* Added option to view folder index entries in file list.
* Fixed bug related to excessive GDI objects.
* Fixed tab issue in search tab.
* Improved speed of moving very large files to the end of the drive.
* Several minor bugs fixed.

Homepage – Defraggler

Size: 934 kB


FCleaner Portable

FCleaner is a freeware all-in-one Windows cleaning and optimization tool. It removes unused files that are eating up your disk space and slowing your system down, tweaks your system and allows your Windows to run faster.

Release Highlights:
* Add support for customize Firefox profiles from this version
* Fix the bug: when you customize Firefox profiles, FCleaner cannot do ‘clean actions’ for Firefox
* Don’t check new version when you run FCleaner in ‘-autocleanup’ mode
* Fix some path problems of ‘Tools’ programs in Windows Vista, Windows 7
* Add interface for RAMRush, you could use RAMRush to call FCleaner later
* Some other small tweaks

Homepage – FCleaner

Size: 1.1 MB